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Shows Las Vegas

TOP-10 Las Vegas Shows 2024

Visit a show on the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, and this is evident from the dozens of Las Vegas shows! A visit to this bizarre city is hardly complete without attending a show or concert. Every evening, dozens of Las Vegas shows are performed. From relatively unknown … Read more

Grand Canyon met with kids

8 Things to do in the Grand Canyon with Kids

Grand Canyon South Rim with kids The Grand Canyon is a paradise for seasoned hikers and adventurers. But for families with (young) children, there’s plenty to experience in Grand Canyon National Park as well. We visited the Grand Canyon with our children aged 2 and 4. Both we and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the impressive … Read more

Visitor Center Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Visit the Grand Canyon Visitor Center at the South Rim The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is a popular stop on the Grand Canyon South Rim. The Visitor Center is located near Grand Canyon Village. If you drive into Grand Canyon National Park (south entrance), you will head towards the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. So, it’s … Read more

Climate Grand Canyon Winter

Climate in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, snow in the winter and 104 degrees in the summer Millions of tourists visit the Grand Canyon annually. This deep gorge, which has been carved out over millions of years by the Colorado River, has a desert climate. A desert climate is characterized by very dry conditions and extremely high temperatures. And … Read more

Hiking Grand Canyon

Walks and hikes in the Grand Canyon

Take a walk or hike and truly experience the Grand Canyon! You only truly experience the Grand Canyon with a beautiful hike! You’ll smell nature, see the squirrels scurrying, and have all the time to behold the ancient gorge. There are many hikes you can do, from very accessible walks on well-maintained paths to adventurous … Read more

Viewpoints Grand Canyon Mather Point

Best viewpoints in the Grand Canyon

The most beautiful views over the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon boasts numerous breathtaking viewpoints. On this page, you’ll find the most beautiful viewpoints on the Grand Canyon South Rim, the most popular and touristy side of the Grand Canyon. Many viewpoints can be visited with your own rental car. However, note that not all … Read more